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Brief information Corona

Dear customers and partners - in a globalized economy are many parts of the supply chain that are closely interlinked. The Corona pandemic, which has been going on for many months now, shows us just how close these links are. After initial enormous restrictions in the areas of transport and logistics, the situation is increasingly affecting the availability of components. Shortages combined with price increases, some of them skyrocketing, are the result.

Like many industries - we are also strongly affected by this development. One of the big challenges these days is the balance between price/cost adjustments and availability of products. To keep this balance, our team is doing its best every day.

The most important thing fort he moment is to maintain the ability to provide products.
For this reason - unfortunately, we cannot avoid making situational price adjustments. But we will apply this only in the absolutely necessary scope.

Stay healthy.
Order info - Holidays
Order info - Holidays
Company vacation: 29.05.2023
Orders will be processed again from 30.05.2023