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Online shop for industrial automation and
communication technology

In our online shop you find a wide range of products for industrial use, including gateways, I/O modules, automation controllers, PC cards, energy meters and sensors. With intelligent communication and automation technology from ICPDAS, you can master the great challenge of Industry 4.0 and IIoT

Products by ICPDAS for industrial automation

analog & digital IO modules

with Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, MQTT, OPC UA,

Industrial Communication

Gateways, Converters, Ethernet Swichtes, M2M and wireless products
for smooth networking

Industrial HMI

Panels and controller with touch function
for industrial building and factory automation

Our bestsellers by ICPDAS

Ethernet Switches - HMI Controllers - Routers - Converters - Modbus Modules

Large selection of products available directly from stock - simply register online and order directly

... 68 available
I-7561U-G CR
1 x RS-232/422/485, 1x USB

... 24 available
M-7052-G CR
Modbus RTU IO Module
8 DI (npn/pnp), RS-485

M-7024U-G CR
Modbus RTU IO Module
4AO, 16-bit (V, mA), 4DI, 4DO, RS-485

... 16 available
Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
8 Ports, 8x RJ-45 Ports 10/100/1000

€253.00* €277.00* (8.66% saved)
... 135 available
I-7520 CR
1x RS-232 isol., 1 RS-485

... 454 available
NS-205A CR
Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
5 Ports, 5x RJ-45 10/100 Base-TX

... 18 available
NS-205G CR
Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
5  Ports, 5 x RJ-45 Ports 10/100/1000 Base-T

... 27 available
NS-208 CR
Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
8 Ports, 8 x RJ-45 Ports 10/100 Base-TX

... 86 available
I-7510 CR
RS-485 Repeater
1x RS-485

... 29 available
I-7514U-G CR
RS-485 Hub
1x RS-485 Input, 4x RS-485 Output

... 121 available
I-7551 CR
RS-232 Repeater
1x RS-232

... 113 available
I-7561 CR
1 x RS-232/422/485, 1x USB


Ideal for industrial use

In industrial environments, important requirements must be met to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation. Our products offer numerous functions and features for this purpose. These include an extended temperature range, top-hat rail mounting, EMC resistance, industrial power supply and housings that impress with their robust design.

   » robust and reliable

   » temperature resistant

   » durable

   » long-term available

Product Highlights in the Online Shop

Insight into our comprehensive product range - we will be pleased to support you with
technical questions about our products via the online chat

tGW-715i-T CR
ModbusTCP - ModbusRTU 
1x LAN, 1 RS-485/RS-422, isol. 

... 25 available
tGW-735i CR
Modbus Gateway
Modbus TCP - Modbus RTU
1x LAN, 3x RS-485, isolated

tDS-715i-T CR
Serial Device Server
1 RS-232/422, isolated, 1 LAN, PoE, DC terminal block

... 3 available
tDS-735i CR
Serial Device Server
3 RS-485, isolated, 1 LAN, PoE


Extremely tiny gateways and serial device servers

The Tiny product series from ICPDAS are extremely space-saving due to their minimal width of only 52 mm. ModbusTCP/RTU gateways and serial device servers are available in this amazingly small form factor.

Serial Device Server - tDS-700 series

For reliable and cost-effective integration of existing serial devices into a modern Ethernet infrastructure. The device servers provide up to three serial interfaces for RS-232 and RS-422/485.

ModbusTCP/RTU Gateways - tGW-700 series

For flexible and fast networking of various serial terminals via the Ethernet network. Depending on the product type, the gateways have between one and three COM ports (RS-232/422/485), for up to 247 ModbusRTU slaves per port as well as 32 possible ModbusTCP masters.

Energy monitoring

By recording energy data on plants and machines, potential savings can be discovered, downtimes minimised and utilisation optimised. 

DIN Rail Energy Meter

For reliable measurement and continuous monitoring of electrical parameters in real time, ICPDAS offers the intelligent energy measuring devices of the PM-3000 and PM-4000 series.

Energy Data Logger

ICPDAS enables easy control and monitoring of energy consumption in real time with its intelligent power management system of the PMD series with integrated touch panel or via the IoT gateway PMC-5231. The user gets a quick overview of the performance data of his plants. The logged data can be used for further statistics and analyses.

PMC-5231 CR
IoT Energy Data Logger

PMD-2201-EN CR
IoT Energy Data Logger
7" Touch Panel

... 6 available
PM-3133P CR
DIN Rail Energy Meter
Modbus RTU, three phase
without CTs

DIN Rail Energy Meter
ModbusTCP, 1 or 3-phase
without CTs

PM-3133-RCT500P CR
DIN Rail Energy Meter
Modbus RTU, 3-phase
500A, Rogowski CTs

ET-2251 CR
MQTT IO Module
16 DI (npn/pnp), 2 LAN

... 10 available
ET-7052 CR

Modbus TCP IO Module
8 DI (npn/pnp), 8 DO (pnp), 1 LAN

... 6 available
PET-7053 CR

Modbus TCP IO Module
16 DI (pnp), 1 LAN, PoE

PET-7060-G CR

Modbus TCP IO Module
6 DI (npn/pnp), 6 RO (5A), 1 LAN, PoE

... 1 available
U-7560M CR
OPC UA IO Module
6DI, 6RO, 2 LAN


Ethernet IO Modules with ModbusTCP

ICPDAS offers a wide range of Ethernet IO modules for use in industrial environments. ModbusTCP modules are available with different combinations of analogue and digital inputs and outputs as well as relay outputs for flexible signal acquisition. Typical signal types are current, voltage, thermistor, thermocouple, RTD and strain gauge.

Variants of the Ethernet IO Module Series from ICPDAS

» with Modbus TCP, MQTT and OPC UA
»  2 LAN Ports for daisy chaining reduces cable complexity
» PoE power supply via Ethernet cable
» Particularly slim design

ICPDAS-EUROPE - your manufacturer for industrial automation

Bild im Unternehmen ICPDAS-EUROPE

Your ICPDAS Partner in Europe

ICPDAS-EUROPE is the European subsidiary for the entire ICPDAS product range. With our modern logistics warehouse in Germany, we ensure fast delivery times thanks to our on-site stocks. You can easily place your orders via our online shop, where you will find all important information such as stock, price and product documents.

If you have any questions about our products or if you are planning a project, our online chat enables professional support in real time for your concern! Of course, you can also send us an email and we will get back to you directly.