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I/O Modules for ModbusTCP

For the acquisition of inputs and the control of outputs in industrial applications, we offer a wide range of I/O modules for ModbusTCP under the brand name ICPDAS. There are several module series available, which support the well-known Ethernet-based protocol and offer different inputs and outputs:

  • Our proven standard with a LAN or a PoE port: ET-7000 and PET-7000 series
  • Two LAN ports for easy wiring with Daisy chain: ET-7200 and PET-7200 series
  • The new series in the slim design with two LAN ports for Daisy-Chain: ET-2200 series
  • The compact modules for simple applications with LAN or PoE port: tET series and tPET series

The ModusTCP protocol

All I/O modules for ModbusTCP are equipped as standard with a DIN rail mounting option for the control cabinet and additionally with wall mounting for fast installation.
ModbusTCP is a client-server protocol and has established itself as a standard in industrial communication. The Ethernet protocol enables a safe and fast exchange of process data.

Analog and digital I/Os

Our ModbusTCP I/O modules capture analog and digital signals. Direct connection of volts, mV, mA, thermocouples, Pt100 and Pt1000 as well as strain gauges is possible via the analog inputs. For the digital inputs we offer additional counter inputs. For the control and adjustment of the outputs you can choose between output modules with analog (V, mV, A), digital and relay outputs.

Special functions of the ModbusTCP I/O modules

Depending on the product series, we offer the following special technical equipment for our ModbusTCP I/O modules:

  • Daisy Chain - Equipped with two Ethernet ports, the Daisy Chain enables cabling in line and thus reduces the cabling effort of conventional star cabling.
  • LAN Bypass - This protection function prevents data communication from being interrupted in the event of a module failure. The network signal is directly looped through.
  • I/O Pair Connection - A digital input of one module is mirrored directly to a digital output of another module.
  • Power-On Value - The power-on values can be configured for safe industrial use
  • Safe Values - In the event of a communication failure, the setting of safe values prevents damage to the connected devices.
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Order info - Holidays
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