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EtherCAT IO Modules from ICPDAS

Efficient solutions for time-critical applications 

In the world of automated processes and industrial control systems, time-critical applications are of crucial importance. This is where the EtherCAT fieldbus system comes into play. The compact ECAT-2000 series from ICPDAS are EtherCAT IO modules with an astonishing 32 channels in a width of just 33 mm. With their remarkable space saving, the IO modules enable an efficient connection of analogue and digital input and output signals to EtherCAT networks. These compact modules are perfect for minimising space requirements without compromising on performance.

Versatile network topologies

Another impressive aspect of the ECAT-2000 modules is the integrated 2-port switch. This allows seamless integration into different network topologies, perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of your application. Whether you need a star, line or ring network, the ECAT-2000 modules from ICPDAS offer the flexibility you need.

Cost efficiency in view

Efficient cost calculations are critical in industry. ICPDAS understands this and offers not only outstanding performance, but also value for money per channel. This allows companies to make the most of budgets while getting world-class solutions for their applications.

Robustness and reliability 

The ECAT-2000 modules from ICPDAS are designed for industrial use and meet the highest requirements for robustness and reliability. They are designed to operate in a temperature range of -25°C to 75°C as standard and offer up to 4 KV ESD protection. Status LEDs also enable quick and easy visual diagnostics of all channels to ensure smooth operation. 

Installation flexibility 

The ECAT-2000 modules are equipped with the EtherCAT protocol and can be installed via a daisy-chain connection. This offers maximum flexibility when installing the devices and helps to reduce infrastructure and operating costs. No matter how complex your network topology is, these modules adapt seamlessly.

Overall, the ECAT-2000 series from ICPDAS meets all the essential requirements for industrial use and is the perfect solution for time-critical applications. With their performance, cost efficiency and reliability, they set a new standard for EtherCAT IO modules. Rely on ICPDAS to successfully meet your industrial automation challenges.