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Gateway & router for industrial applications

Designed to ensure smooth communication between different devices and plant components, ICPDAS industrial gateways & routers are a key asset to any industrial automation environment. A special feature of ICPDAS gateways is the wide range of supported industrial protocols such as ModbusRTU, ModbusTCP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, M-Bus, HART, ETHERNET/IP, ETHERCAT, DEVICENET, DCON, CANOPEN, CANBUS, and BACNET.
This means that ICPDAS gateways offer a solution for a wide range of requirement profiles in the automation environment.

ICPDAS gateway portfolio:

MODBUS: tGW-7xx series
DEVICENET: GW-7243D-G // GW-7434D-G
ETHERCAT: ECAT-261x seriesCANBUS: ECAN-240 // ECAN-240-FD
ETHERNET/IP: GW-7472 // GW-7473 CANOPEN: GW-7433D
PROFIBUS: GW-755x seriesM-BUS: GW-7828 // GW-7838-M
PROFINET: GW-7662 // GW-7663BACNET: GW-2492M // GW-2493M // GW-2139M