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I/O Modules for MQTT

IoT applications with MQTT

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks machines and plants in companies and allows them to work together independently using modern communication technologies. In this way, all relevant information is automatically available via network. Using the widely used MQTT protocol, IoT devices can be connected to an MQTT broker (MQTT server). In a very short time, information (e.g. from production) can be connected to common IoT platforms such as Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. The Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol offers reliable transmission of messages, simple client implementation and economical use of bandwidth. This makes MQTT ideal for automation systems and is widely used in IoT applications.

ICPDAS offers various IoT systems for Industry 4.0, including IoT devices for receiving, collecting and forwarding data:

  • I/O modules with MQTT - MQ-7200M series
  • Smart IoT Controller with MQTT - WISE-7500 series
  • IoT Edge Controller with 3G or 4G - WISE-5231M
  • Data loggers with MQTT - DL-300 series and CL-200 series
  • IIoT Communication Server with 3G or 4G - UA series