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Industrial Converter

Interface converter, protocol converter and media converter

For the conversion of interfaces, protocols and media for data exchange, ICPDAS offers a wide range of interface converters, protocol converters and media converters. We create solutions for a comprehensive communication between different networks as well as individual plants and systems. Our industrial converters convert interfaces, translate protocols and transform from one transmission medium to another.

All converters are ideally suited for industrial use. They have a compact size with mounting options for DIN rail and wall. The wide temperature range of -25 °C ~ +75 °C and the isolated interfaces underline their industrial character. 

Interface converter

With our interface converters, serial, Ethernet and USB interfaces are converted into serial interfaces and the other way back. The serial to serial interface converters are the classics among industrial converters. They convert the electrical signals from RS-232 to RS-422/485, so that significantly longer distances can be overcome. To connect serial devices to the network, Ethernet to serial interface converters are used. The USB to serial interface converter offers a fast solution for connecting devices without USB port.

Protocol converter

In automation technology, communication networks are constantly subject to new requirements. They must communicate with networks using different protocols, different transmission speeds and data formats. The ICPDAS protocol converters enable a flexible protocol exchange between fieldbus and Ethernet based bus systems. We offer protocol converters for the following protocols: ASCII, ModbusRTU, CANbus, Profibus and HART as well as ModbusTCP, EtherCAT and Profinet.

Media Converter

Media converters connect data networks with different cabling or even wirelessly via radio or WLAN. A common example is the conversion from copper to fiber optic cables for extending the transmission path. The influence of electromagnetic interference also plays a decisive role in the use of media converters. The data is converted without great effort and transmitted over the various transmission media over long distances. ICPDAS offers numerous variants of media converters for serial and Ethernet interfaces.