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Energy Management

ICPDAS-EUROPE Energy Monitoring Lösung

Intelligent energy meters

For reliable measurement and continuous monitoring of electrical parameters in real time, ICPDAS-EUROPE offers the intelligent energy meters of the PM series. Measuring ranges from 60A to 2000A allow the user a wide range of applications. Cable conversion transformers or Rogowski coils are optionally included in the scope of delivery, which simplify retrofitting installations in particular.

1 phase meters ( PM-3112 series / PM-3114 series )
3 Phase Meters ( PM-3033 Series / PM-3133 Series )
Multi-channel meters ( PM-4324 Series )

Energy monitoring system

The logged data can be visualized and analyzed via the web interface of the devices. Charts for real-time or historical evaluations are available for this purpose. With just a few clicks and without programming, all settings can be configured on the touch panel or via web server. This also includes the IF-THEN-ELSE engine, which is used to implement smaller control tasks directly on the data logger. Protocols such as ModbusTCP/RTU, SNMP, FTP and MQTT are supported for seamless integration into higher-level management systems.

Energy Data Logger for DIN Rail ( PMC-5231 / PMC-2241 )
Energy Data Logger with Touchpad ( PMD-x201 Series )
PMC-5231 CR

PM-4324-160P CR

DNM-831I-100V-1000A CR

ICPDAS-EUROPE Energy Monitoring  System Lösung

System Overview

For a quick overview of all energy data. It allows simple operation and configuration via web server. 

  •   monitor energy consumption
  •   indentify main consumer
  •   data analysis & reports
  •   reduce peak loads
  •   optimize downtime and maintenance

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