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IoT Controller - your easy entry into the IIoT 

The IoT controllers from ICPDAS are compact and efficient controllers for industrial use. They are used to control and monitor IoT devices via the internet. With the WISE series, ICPDAS offers intelligent web-based controllers - from the IoT Edge Controller to the simple IO Controller, the WISE series includes numerous product series. 

A particular highlight of the WISE controllers is the ability to execute IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules. The WISE controllers are equipped with an IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine, which provides you with IF-THEN-ELSE rules for programming simple logic operations. These can be downloaded to the controller after processing and then executed by the logic engine. With the IoT controllers of the WISE-5200 and WISE-2240 series, IOs can be integrated locally in the device via XV boards; the controllers also support the IO modules via ModbusRTU and ModbusTCP. 

IoT Controller and IIoT Communication Server from ICPDAS 

  • WISE-5200 series: IoT controller with MQTT, 1x RJ-45, optionally with 3G or 4G 
  • WISE-2240 series: IoT controller with MQTT, 2x RJ-45 
  • WISE-7500 series: IoT controller with MQTT, 2x RJ-45, integrated IOs 
  • WISE-5800, WISE-7100 and WISE-7200 series: IO controller with ModbusTCP, 1x RJ-45 
  • UA-5200 series: IIoT Communication Server with OPC UA and MQTT, 1x RJ-45

IoT controller - the WISE series 

Remote control and monitoring in industrial applications

With the Internet of Things (IoT), machines can be networked via the internet and communicate with each other independently. With the WISE controllers, ICPDAS offers an industrial IoT gateway as an intelligent link between the machine and the cloud. The IoT controllers in the WISE series from ICPDAS offer a user-friendly and intuitive HMI interface. With just a few clicks, control logic can be implemented on the controllers without programming. 

Special functions of the WISE IoT controllers 

  • IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule engine - provides rules to define logical content 
  • NO programming - user-friendly web UI pages for editing the controller logic 
  • IO module support - connect to various Modbus IO modules from ICPDAS 
  • Data logger function - with the microSD card, WISE offers real-time data logging 
  • Timer and schedule operation - two types of time control via timer or schedule 
  • Sending e-mail alarm messages 
  • MQTT message publish/subscribe operation 
  • Connection with the IoT cloud platform 

IIoT Communication Server - the UA series 

Existing systems become communicative

Communication is the key to obtaining information. But what can you do if there are no corresponding interfaces or protocols in the existing infrastructure? ICPDAS-EUROPE offers the solution with the compact IIoT communication servers UA-5200 and UA-2241M. 

The servers connect the field level with the Internet of Things. Existing IO modules or controllers can be easily connected via Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. All recorded data is stored temporarily. A wide range of options are available for further processing. This makes exchanging information via common platforms or local web services child's play. No additional software packages are required.

All settings are made via the intuitive Communication Server web interface with function wizard. The user is guided step by step through all the functions. Connections to MES, ERP, SCADA and cloud services can be established with just a few clicks. Both private and public cloud services can be used for the latter (AWS, MS Azure, IBM Cloud, etc.). 

In addition to data acquisition and control functions, the communication servers have an integrated OPC UA server and an MQTT broker. Thanks to the native database client, data can be written directly to databases. A particular highlight is the simple integration into IFTTT applications for communication with more than 450 different web applications. Thanks to the integrated switch, nothing stands in the way of quick and easy integration.