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IO modules with OPC UA

The OPC UA IO modules from ICPDAS are based on the OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) standard, which is a widely used protocol for data exchange between industrial devices and software applications. OPC UA IO modules are an important component of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). They help to network industrial automation systems more closely, make them more secure and scale them up:

Increased security: OPC UA includes security features such as encryption, authentication and access control that can help protect industrial data from unauthorised access.

Interoperability: OPC UA is an open standard, which means that it can be used to connect devices from different manufacturers. This makes it easier to integrate different systems into a single, standardised network.

Scalability: OPC UA IO modules can be customised to meet the requirements of any application, from small, single-device systems to large, enterprise-wide networks.

The U-7500 OPC UA module series from ICPDAS

  • Integrated OPC UA Server
  • MQTT client services
  • analog and digital IOs

Product highlights of the OPC UA IO modules from ICPDAS

Support for OPC UA server/client and MQTT client protocol: The IO modules can act as an OPC UA server or OPC UA client and can also communicate with MQTT clients. This flexibility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Support for RESTful API via HTTP and HTTPS: OPC UA IO Modules also support the RESTful API, which allows you to read and write I/O and virtual point data via HTTP requests. This makes it easier to integrate IO modules into your existing IT infrastructure.

Support for logic functions and rule settings: The IO modules support IF, THEN, ELSE logic functions that allow you to create custom rules to control your I/O devices.

Support of scheduling functions: OPC UA IO modules also support a scheduling function that allows rules to be executed at specific times or intervals.

Support for event logs: The IO modules log the I/O changes for device tracking.

Support for IoTstar Cloud Management Software: OPC UA IO modules support the IoTstar Cloud Management Software, which allows you to monitor and manage your ICPDAS OPC UA IO modules from a central location.

OPC UA IO modules in industrial use

Real-time monitoring and control of industrial processes: OPC UA IO modules can be used for real-time monitoring and control of industrial processes such as temperature, pressure and flow.

Logging and archiving of industrial data: OPC UA IO modules can be used to log and archive industrial data such as sensor readings, actuator commands and alarm logs.

Integration of devices into enterprise IT systems: OPC UA IO modules can be used to integrate industrial devices into enterprise IT systems such as SCADA systems, ERP systems and cloud-based applications.