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Industrial HMI Controller

HMI controllers improve the efficiency, safety and quality of industrial applications. ICPDAS offers two types of HMI controllers, the TPD series and the VPD series. 

The TPD series is designed for home/building automation applications and the VPD series for factory/machine automation applications. Both have many features in common, such as a high-resolution touch screen, RTC and a variety of communication interfaces, including RS-232/RS-485, Ethernet, USB. Nevertheless, each has its own specific features for the respective target applications. 

TPD series: 2.8"/ 4.3"/ 7" HMI controller can be installed with an external wallbox that seamlessly integrates the unit into your enclosure. 

VPD series: 3.5"/ 4.3"/ 7" HMI control with rubber keypad, waterproof IP-65 front panel and DIN rail or panel mounting is ideally designed for harsh environments and is particularly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

Selection Guides:
Home / Building Automation
Factory / Machine Automation