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Fieldbus CAN Card

CAN cards with CANopen protocol

CANopen is a CAN (Controller Area Network) based fieldbus protocol, which is characterized by its flexible use in different application areas and its simple extension. ICPDAS offers fieldbus boards for CANopen in its product portfolio for industrial communication. In addition, simple serial interface cards are also available. In conjunction with a CAN bus board, an industrial computer becomes a CAN bus master and can control a complete application via the fieldbus. Of course, this requires the appropriate software, which is usually individually adapted to the application.

The fieldbus boards from ICPDAS support the CANopen protocol and are available in PCIe and Universal PCI format. Variants with isolated interfaces are also available. Fieldbus boards with 1 to 8 CAN ports are available for use in a wide range of applications.

Further product features of the CAN cards:

  • Driver - for Windows and Linux
  • Driver - for LabView, InduSoft, DASYlab
  • CANopen - library and diagnostic tool
  • CAN specification - 2.0A and 2.0B
  • Installation - quick and easy via plug-and-play