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I/O modules for CANopen

For the acquisition of inputs and the control of outputs in industrial applications, we offer I/O modules for CANopen under the brand ICPDAS. Various CANopen I/O modules from the CAN-2000C series are available with max. 16 digital and 10 analog inputs and outputs.
For central integration of different I/Os into a CANopen application, ICPDAS offers the expandable modules of the CAN-8000 series. They have 1 to 8 expansion slots for direct integration of additional I/O modules from the I-8000 and I-87000 series of ICPDAS.

CANopen as protocol

CANopen is an open client-server protocol for CAN (Controller Area Network) in automation technology. The CANopen protocol uses the CAN bus as transmission medium. In addition to network management, the protocol supports device monitoring and communication. The data exchange of the CANopen standard has been specified as European standard (EN 50325-4) since 2002. 

Analog and digital inputs and outputs

Due to their compact design, our CANopen I/O modules of the CAN-2000 can also be integrated into machines. With the CAN-8000 series, more I/Os can be integrated directly into the module housing. The following analog and digital signals can be acquired with the modules:
  • Analog inputs for direct connection of volts, mV, mA, thermocouples, Pt100 and Pt1000
  • Digital inputs such as counter, frequency and encoder
  • Analog outputs allow control and regulation via voltage (0 ~ +5 V, 0 ~ +10 V, +/-5 V, +/-10 V) and current (0 ~ +20 mA or +4 ~ +20 mA) - Analog outputs enable control and regulation via voltage (0 ~ +5 V, 0 ~ +10 V, +/-5 V, +/-10 V) and current (0 ~ +20 mA or +4 ~ +20 mA)
  • Digital outputs with Open Collector, sink/source and up to 700mA per channel
  • Relay outputs

Special functions of the CANopen I/O modules 

Our CANopen I/O modules are equipped with the following special technical functions:
  • Heartbeat Messaging - Each slave regularly sends a heartbeat message to the master to monitor its functionality.
  • Node Guarding - The master sends a request to check the slave status.
  • I/O Pair Connection - For the transmission of digital signals over a CANopen network to another slave.
  • Auto Response - Automatic response of the CANopen modules via event trigger or time trigger.
  • Easy Mounting - Standard equipment for DIN-rail in the switch cabinet and additionally for the wall.