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IO Modules for PROFINET

PROFINET is one of the leading industrial Ethernet standards for automation. Its widespread use, open standard and hard real-time capability provide the ideal conditions for a future-proof automation solution. 

The new PROFINET IO modules of the PFN-2000 series from ICPDAS have a wide range of digital and analogue input and output channels for connecting voltage, current and thermocouples to PROFINET. The IO modules can be easily integrated into an existing PROFINET network using a GSDML file.

PROFINET compact - bus couplers and IOs on 33 mm

A particularly space-saving PROFINET application is made possible by combining bus couplers and I/Os in one housing. With a width of only 33 mm, the compact PROFINET IO modules from ICPDAS master such minimal space requirements. Different modules of the PFN-2000 series with analogue and digital inputs and outputs are available. 
The upright wiring via terminal strips as well as the support of LLDP and other standards offer a comfortable device exchange. By means of a GSDML file, the modules can be easily integrated into an existing PROFINET configuration. 
The integrated switch with two Ethernet ports enables flexible cabling with different topologies. This special feature drastically reduces the cabling effort and is decisive for fail-safety. The input voltage range of 10 ~ 30 VDC, the DIN rail mounting and the high 4 kV ESD protection ensure ideal conditions for the use of the PFN-2000 IO modules in industrial environments. 

Advantages of the PROFINET protocol 

The PROFINET protocol is an open Industrial Ethernet standard for communication in automation technology. It uses TCP/IP and IT standards, is real-time Ethernet-capable and enables the integration of fieldbus systems. 

The essential features of the PROFINET protocol are: 
  • Openness: PROFINET is an open standard managed by the PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) organisation. This means that devices from different manufacturers can communicate with each other. 
  • Real-time capability: PROFINET supports real-time communication with a latency of up to 100 microseconds. This is important for applications that require fast data transmission, such as machine control. 
  • Integration of fieldbus systems: PROFINET enables the integration of fieldbus systems such as PROFIBUS and DeviceNet. This facilitates the transition from older fieldbus systems to PROFINET.