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Renewable Energies

ICPDAS-EUROPE renewable energy solution

Smart technology for monitoring and data acquisition on renewable energies

Renewable energies are among the most important energy sources in Europe. Their continuous expansion is a central element in the energy turnaround. The supply of renewable energies makes industrial processes and plants more climate-friendly and at the same time less dependent on expensive and climate-damaging fossil fuels, motor fuels and heating fuels.
The most important renewable energy sources are wind and solar energy. But biomass and hydropower also make their contribution to a sustainable energy supply.

Power and heat

In the electricity sector, photovoltaic systems are used to convert the energy of solar radiation directly into electricity. Wind energy, which currently plays a leading role in many European countries in the expansion of renewable energies, generates high performance for industry and commerce via powerful generators.
Solar collectors use the sun's energy to generate heat for heating drinking water or for industrial processes. Today, new solar systems are among the most cost-effective technologies for renewable energies.

Battery systems

The primary purpose of battery management systems is to operate power storage units in such a way that proper and safe functioning is guaranteed at all times. Overloads, for example, can also limit the service life of the power storage unit. To meet these requirements, the battery management system requires various data.
Products from ICPDAS-EUROPE offer a wide range of possibilities to collect data and integrate them into management systems.

Open standards: no proprietary techniques 

Easy to learn: Browser-based configuration, no external software required 

Fair price-performance ratio: No license fees 

Easy to expand: Quickly reach your goal thanks to numerous templates 

Industrial use: Suitable for harsh environmental conditions

PMC-5231 CR

PM-4324-160P CR

DNM-831I-100V-1000A CR


System Overview

For a quick overview of all energy data. It allows simple operation and configuration via web server. 

  •   monitor energy consumption
  •   indentify main consumer
  •   data analysis & reports
  •   reduce peak loads
  •   optimize downtime and maintenance

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